The Fantastic 3 and 1

[Brett here] No, that subject doesn’t refer to anything so sublime, edifying or brain-bending as the Trinity. I’m just feeling strangely compelled to garner some opinion on the (admittedly, KFC kids meal) toy pictured below. This is supposed to be “Mr. Fantastic.” His trunk extends an envelope-pushing 5mm. Is there a worldwide rubber shortage or …?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary offers “Mr. Reasonable” as an antonym, but perhaps the related “Mr. Farcical” is a better fit.

The chicken was nice.

6 thoughts on “The Fantastic 3 and 1”

  1. Lionfire, I think you mean….


    Not chicken!! at Brett at Taras house of doooooommm 🙂

  2. Yeah…. I always remember being so disappointed by these promotional plastic thingamybobs as a child… the rubber smurfs from the service stations were a killer…

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