Look what we made

July was my month for the step by step at Little Scrapbook Shop. But I cheated and got the other DT members to give me a hand. I’m so glad I did. The final result is just gorgeous. Don’t forget to go over to Tara Creates for more info if you’re interested.

In other news, there is still a lot of work going on in our back yard, but I want to save all the photos for one big progressive picture post, so you’ll just have to wait.

Cayley is becoming less and less of a baby, it is just amazing and so much fun to watch her grow. At the moment she is loving making noises and ‘talking’ to people. In church on Sunday she was happily chatting away to all the people sitting behind us and it was way past her naptime. In fact she got so happy (and loud) that I had to take her out.

Elisha continues to grow too. I cannot believe that my firstborn is going to be three in one weeks time. What a privelege and blessing it has been to have him in our lives.

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