Elisha Little

Today Elisha was supposed to be having a nap.

But he wasn’t.

I had put him back into bed/his bedroom on more than one occassion. Finally I realised that it was a lost cause and so I told him that he could play in his bedroom for a while.

I could hear him playing quite happily. It was very sweet.

All of a sudden he started shrieking, and not playing either, I could just tell from the sound that SOMETHING was wrong.

I jumped up and ran down to his bedroom.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” I asked him. Looking at him you wouldn’t have thought anything was wrong at all.

“The house is falling down, the house is falling down,” he screamed, very distressed.

He was sitting on his miniature merry go round.

I gave him a big cuddle and buried my head in his shoulder so he couldn’t see me laughing.

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