Another Tag

I got tagged by Bec, so here goes…

  1. Name three things that scare you: Mice, the thought of people falling down the steps at our house, other drivers.
  2. The daggiest thing in your music collection: Some really shonky christmas music
  3. Your three favourite clothing items: jeans, my hooded jumper, grey jumper
  4. Your partners most annoying habit: Answering questions with a question
  5. What stresses you out: TTrying to remember everything I need to do. Lists are my best friend
  6. Your favourite household chore: Rearranging things
  7. If you had fifty bucks to spend at Target which section would you head straight for: Kids’ clothes
  8. In my next life I would like to come back as: Me
  9. Your least favourite celebrity: Tom Cruise – he annoys me for some reason.
  10. I choose to tag: Anyone that hasn’t done this one yet and wants to.

3 thoughts on “Another Tag”

  1. oh my goodness…..mice…..seriously….i can not stand them. i can kill cockroaches with my bare hands but i can NOT go anywhere NEAR a mouse that is on the loose. pet mice are ok. they are contained. they are ok. i’m almost hyper-ventilating even talking about them now!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what i have as we speak in my garage? yes……..let us speak about this no more….sssssshhhhhh…..i have to go to my *happy place* now to forget this conversation!!!! lol 🙂
    have a beautiful weekend!
    Lus x

  2. I can handle the mice, it’s the rats that I can’t face. Can’t even face them as pets. Nice to read these tags – something about getting to know each other a little more. Thanks for sharing with us.

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