Laid Low

Our household has been hit by the flu… we have all had it, even poor (not so little any more) little Cayley. I think we are all on the tail end of it now, though I am taking Cayley to the doctor’s tomorrow (if I can get an appointment at such late notice) just to have her ears checked, her moods have been fairly erratic, then of course that could be teeth.

The time of sickness has not been without its highlights though:
* Elisha has been to a few birthday parties. Billy’s was a pirate (“Aaarrrrrhhhh”) party. Poor little Elisha hasn’t really been introduced to the novelty of dress-ups (bad mummy), and was scared to the point of tears of Billy and the other kids. When Romilly arrived and he had a hand to hold onto he was fine.
* Cayley has started mimicking, and is picking up “words” at an alarming rate. This morning both “Opa” and “Kitty” were added to the list of words that she will sometimes (but never when you want her to) repeat.
* Elisha has wanted medicine for everything, what does this say for the future I wonder?
* Pop and Nan came and added another structure to the children’s growing empire in our backyard. There is now a sandpit in addition to the cubby house.
* Little William Alexander joined our extended family, and just like his big brothers he is a cutie patootie.

I know that there were definitely more bright spots in the midst of all the sickness… but it’s midnight (what I’m doing up at midnight I have no idea) and my brain has stopped working.

It is amazing however, when as an adult you are feeling under the weather, how quickly you revert to behaviour rivalling that of your three-year or even nine-month old.

I’ll leave you with some sweetness.


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