We had some visitors last weekend. These are friends we have made through Brett’s work. How cute is their little boy!


They also brought Elisha and Cayley gifts, which both of them love, though Brett and I both agree that Elisha’s was particularly inspired. He received a pack of Matchbox cars… all “cleaning” type vehicles, as in a street sweeper, a snow shovel and so on. He just loves them and has been playing with them almost non-stop since receiving them. So a BIG thank you to Dinh and Thi and of course Dang… they’re fantastic.

Later the same afternoon we went to Point Walter with Mum and Dad. It was gorgeous outside and the scenery was very relaxing. As always Bernie’s kebabs were delicious.

And then Brett got sick again.

One thought on “Visitors”

  1. oh no…poor Brett. My kids all woke up today with colds…grrrrr. Sickness sucks hey!
    Looked beautiful at the beach…I’m starting to miss it a bit now…just hanging out there or going there to cool off. Won’t be doing that for a while. At least we are only an hours drive from a pool and waterslide.
    Hope Brett is better soon.

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