I Can’t Believe It Either

On Thursday I went to register Elisha for three year-old kindy.

Where he will be attending next year.

Insert lots of common phrases and catch-cries.

While there I bumped into some mums whom I haven’t seen since the first few months of Elisha’s life. First lady tapped me on the shoulder and asked if my name was Tara and I had a little boy Eli… she was from the St. John of God Murdoch mums group. Then the next lady asked if I didn’t happen to go to the Leeming mum’s group. I’m so glad she asked because I had been staring at her baby trying to work out why I knew him but didn’t know him. She used to come along to the mothers group with her daughter Chantal. Truly bizarre.

Also bumped into Anita.

Speaking of bumping into people, at my Stampin’ Up! workshop today I had my first “I know you!” moment… a supervisor from my days of working at Target.

I love bumping into the past.

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