Fancy That

A few weeks ago Cathy, Brett and I took Mum and Dad A. out for dinner as a gesture of thanks for all that they have done for us – thinking gardens, help with housework, looking after children, coaching basketball, building cubby houses and the like.

We went to a fairly fancy restaurant on the river in South Perth, The Boatshed.

Soon after arriving I told Elisha that if he had to go to the bathroom he should tell brett or myself that he needed to and we would take him.

He then announced his intention to walk over to the open end of the restaurant – “Just over there”. Cathy was sure that Elisha had said he was “Going to the toilet just over there”.

“No,” I said, “He said he was just going over there.”

And I looked at him and saw the jeans and underpants being lowered.

“BRETT!” I whisper-screamed as loudly-quietly as I could. The offending bottom and its person were quickly removed from the scene and taken to a more appropriate abode.

I don’t thinkanyone saw.