Animal Zoo

For Elisha’s first birthday he got some of the Fisher Price Alphabet Zoo.  He has managed to get all of it now, not to mention heaps of other Fisher Price Little People toys (yes I am a fan of them too).

This layout I did a while ago for the ongoing challenge at Scrapbooking Top50 Australia.

My requirements were
*red, lots of red
*three photos 2landscape 1portrait

A Rare Sight

Elisha, and it looks like Cayley will be the same, does not fall asleep anywhere except in his bed. Perhaps occasionally he will fall asleep in the car if we are on a long trip and he is extremely tired, but that is about it.

So this sort of thing is a very rare, if not never-seen sight in our house…


However, he does sometimes find it a little hard waking up from his afternoon nap. And Australia Day was one of those days. He got up because he heard something, walked down the hallway in a sleepy daze, sat on the couch, curled up and drifted back off to sleep. Asleep enough that Brett was able to snap a few photos of him.

He was up and at ’em soon enough though.

Look Out!

Another Little Scrapbook Shop Layout…


… Love this photo of Elisha, the expression on his face is just classic.

LSBS products used:
Yellow, blue bazzill
Reminisce Cardstock Stickers – Alphabet B&W Basic, Black
Reminisce Cardstock Stickers – Alphabet B&W Basic, White
Reminisce 12×12 Paper – Boys Gone Wild, Ready Set Go
Reminisce 12×12 Paper – Boys Gone Wild, I Can Count
Chatterbox Stickers – Alphabet Blue
Yellow brads
Love Elsie Ribbon – Toby BIG
White gel pen
Chatterbox Rub Ons – Grafix Border black

He Just Keeps Growing Up

These photos were taken almost three weeks ago on the 8th of January.

nonappy nonappyii

After a few hiccups along the way Elisha ran out of nappies and I wasn’t buying any more… so overnight in undies… and so far 100% success.

He also got to wear some new pyjamas he received from Uncle Ross and Aunty Lesley for Christmas to celebrate the special event.

He loves finding any reason to tell us that he’s big. Although on the other had he also quite often feels the need to compete with Cayley for attention so is looking for reasons (and advantages) to be a baby.

It’s Snowing at our House

Look at Cayley’s hair!


You wouldn’t believe that that chirpy looking little girl has been besieged by very high temperatures for three days. She’s had temperatures of 39.0-40.0 since Thursday evening. They finally broke today.

She’s a little trooper though, no complaints at all, no loss of appetite nothing… but she must have been feeling fairly miserable.

Simply Simply

This is another “did it a while ago”.  I still haven’t managed to get outside to take photos of my latest creations.

Poor little Cayley is quite unwell… I took her temperature a while ago and it was 40.0, not sure how I’m going to sleep tonight.  Will probably leave the monitor on for extra vigilance.


Stamp sets: Simply Said
Cardstock: Sahara Sand, Pixie Pink, Basic Black, Very Vanilla
Ink: Sahara Sand, Basic Black, Pixie Pink

All images copyright Stampin’ Up!® 1988 – 2008

Visiting in Slippers

Just over a week ago Elisha went to work with Brett. This is the second time he’s been.

The first time that Brett took him into the office Elisha spent the whole time playing games or paint on Brett’s computer. I’m not sure what Brett did. This time I suggested he might want to give Elisha at least a slightly more realistic idea of what Daddy does every day.

Elisha insisted on wearing his slippers. I’m not sure why, it certainly wasn’t cold.


Cayley and I picked up a very healthy lunch (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) to share when we picked Elisha up. We sat on the steps of Brett’s building and ate with some of his colleagues. I took some photos.

At first Elisha didn’t want to have his photo taken.


But he warmed up to the idea pretty quickly!


Yes, Cayley was there…



A layout I did a while back for Little Scrapbook Shop.


This is definitely NOT my most favourite photo of myself, but scrap it I must. 🙂

Little Scrapbook Shop products used:
Around the block paper
EK Chipboard – Mini Framedangoes, Long Swirl
Urban Lily Rub Ons – Say Its
American Crafts – Rub On’s – Trademarks Alphabet – Lulu – Lowercase White
Black brads