We were all going to go and see some Christmas lights in our area with Nan and Pop, but Cayley had a grumpy not very much sleep day, so it was decided that she and I would stay at home so she could go to bed.

The next day at church Gran was looking after Cayley for a little bit after the service had finished. When I came back to collect her my mum very excitedly told me that she and Cayley had been having a little talk…

Mum/Gran: I asked Cayley if she went to see the lights last night and she nodded her head. And then I asked her if she sat next to Elisha in the car and she nodded her head.
Me: Ah, Cayley didn’t even go!
Mum/Gran: Laughs

Mind you she does look very sincere (and very cute might I add) when she nods that head of hers.

On to Elisha. I was saying something about yesterday being Tuesday and then he started talking about Sixday and Fourday. Hee hee hee.

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