Time flies

And I’m not sure where it goes.

So many things have happened that I have not been keeping a record of. I really should try a bit harder to get them down.

Here’s what I can think of for now.

* Poor little Elisha was terribly sick on Christmas eve and didn’t really have a very nice Christmas Day or Boxing Day.
* Cayley was also a little unwell, but nowhere near to the extent of Elisha.
* They both got very spoilt. Some of the more presents I can think of right now… Elisha got drums, lego, a monster truck, an airplane, lawnmower. Cayley got a knitted doll (which she gave the best ever response too when we opened it), a bracelet, little people stuff, height chart, beach towel
* Brett and I also got spoilt.
* Cathy rather liked her present from us
* I got Alias season five and we watched it all over the course of a week
* It was hot boxing day 44.3 or somewhere thereabouts
* Uncle Gerry came to visit for a week and a half, we spent a lot of time out and about doing stuff, but i didn’t take many photos
* Cayley and Uncle Gerry shared a birthday while he was here. I can’t believe she’s one already. We had breakfast out for Uncle Gerry and an afternoon tea party for Cayley.
* Cayley was extremely tired by the end of her day, when we were opening presents she cried every time we or she ripped the paper too loudly.
* Cayley also got spoiled for her birthday.
* I made a number one cake and cupcakes with marshmallow and smartie flowers.
* We made up a huge bucket of bubble mix and everyone had a great time playing with them. Including the adults. Dad A made some awesome huge bubble wands with bamboo stakes, eye hooks and rope.
* We are still going through the bubbles.
* Brett and I have discovered a wonderful little spot in the reading room by the windows which has become our little prayer and chat niche. I’m loving spending time there with him.
* Cayley has finally caught on to the idea of sign language and is signing for more, up and drink. She isn’t screaming quite as much.
* She also has quite a few words. Probably not intelligible to anyone but those who see her quite a bit but they include: daddy, mummy, kitty, hello, Elisha, nan, pop, opa, i love you, uh-oh, amen, woof, fish (said shhhhhhhhh)
* Cayley has started pulling up
* She fell out of her cot on her birthday. She didn’t cry and Brett discovered her playing on the floor in her room.
* It still took us about a week after that to lower her mattress.
* Yes we had cushions on the floor all over her room when she fell out!
* Yes, I know we are naughty
* We attended the first service of Three Crosses Church in Murdoch on Sunday!
* We’ve been to the beach twice since Christmas. Once for dinner with the Burgesses and once for breakfast with Uncle Josh, Nan, Pop, Aunty Cathy, Aunty Kerryn and Uncle Chris.

4 thoughts on “Time flies”

  1. Frankly, Tara, it’s a little bit worrying when you start referring to your friends as “Aunty Kerryn and Uncle Chris” 😉

    Somebody needs some Adult Time! Put your hands in the air and step away from the toddlers!

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