Visiting in Slippers

Just over a week ago Elisha went to work with Brett. This is the second time he’s been.

The first time that Brett took him into the office Elisha spent the whole time playing games or paint on Brett’s computer. I’m not sure what Brett did. This time I suggested he might want to give Elisha at least a slightly more realistic idea of what Daddy does every day.

Elisha insisted on wearing his slippers. I’m not sure why, it certainly wasn’t cold.


Cayley and I picked up a very healthy lunch (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) to share when we picked Elisha up. We sat on the steps of Brett’s building and ate with some of his colleagues. I took some photos.

At first Elisha didn’t want to have his photo taken.


But he warmed up to the idea pretty quickly!


Yes, Cayley was there…


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