Add a Swear Word for 50c

Elisha and I were listening to some music earlier in the week. Our stereo, though old, holds quite a few cds, and I do not remove them all that often. All of a sudden we were listening to Presidents of the United States of America. Yes, I am a fan of their music, especially their first album, which also happens to be that which we were listening to.

But this is a bit of a problem as there is what I consider to be a pretty major swear word in the lyrics of the song, and it isn’t just sung in passing but is given quite a bit of emphasis and expression. I usually skip the song all together… but as Elisha has gotten older he has cottoned onto what I’m doing, and he doesn’t like it.

This particular morning he was not impressed at all, and was trying all sorts of strategic arguments to get me to let him to listen to it.
* I don’t mind listening to the naughty word
* It’s my favourite song
* If I can’t listen to this then I wont listen to anything
* General carry on and silly behaviour
Which were all to no avail.

Finally… “Well then I can’t listen to any of it, because there is other naughty words. They say ‘bacon’.”

And here is a quick photo of the cheeky little chappy with his new kindy hat, just before we were heading off to kindy open day (23 Jan).


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