Are you happy mum?

My goodness. It has been a very long time between posts. I am a bit cross at myself, because there are so many precious little things that the kids have said or done that I’ve missed the opportunity to record and have since forgotten.

Excuse time? Well, apart from the fact that there has been at least one person in the house sick over the last ten weeks, I’m also gestating again. And it really knocked me about this time – the first trimester that is. I’m starting to kick butt again now.

Introducing Lumpy. EDD mid January 2009


And for good measure here’s a newer picture of Elisha and Cayley.

Elisha and Cayley

Now anyone that has been checking in religiously, or has this site as their homepage will have something new to look at. Yay me.

5 thoughts on “Are you happy mum?”

  1. yes someone is still checking in. Congratulations on your exciting news. Praying that you start to feel a lot better real soon. Great photos of your kids too.

  2. OMGoodness….I’d missed this news!!! CONGRATS! Elisha and Cayley are both looking so grown up! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well. Look after YOU!

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