They Were Supposed To Be Jumping On The Bed

How to pick what to post about.  Shall I try for everything!

See if you make it to the end.

Started out the day bright and early.  I was up and ready to go grocery shopping by 8 am.  Gives me confidence we may in fact make it to Elisha’s first day of kindy on time.

It was the first time I’d been grocery shopping in about 5 weeks.  I hadn’t missed it at all.  Though the enjoyment factor had multiplied seeing as I am not pregnant any longer.

Went for morning tea at the house of one of Elisha’s new kindy classmate’s house.  Another classmate joined us.

For the most part all the children played together well.  There was one small incident that stood out, and on the walk home, I decided to use it as an object lesson.

“Elisha, I said, “Today when ___ and ___ were in the cubby and weren’t letting you in or letting you play with them how did that make you feel?”


“Did it make you feel sad, or lonely?”  He’d looked so folorn and unsure, standing there by himself, barred from the cubby and no friend by his side.  Or maybe he was just feeling awkward because the other childrens’ mums were trying to right the wrong and exact apologies.


Object lesson shot down.

My idea to make dinner more palatable.


Elisha went for it.  Cayley at the mouth.

Oh, and the tongue.

After dinner Cayley and Elisha were having a jump on our bed… or so I thought.

Cayley came out at one stage with a pack of my ‘feminine hygeine’.  I asked her to take it back to the en suite and put it away.  Which she did… or so I thought.

I mentioned to Brett that it is a bit ironic such an item is packaged in what looks very much like wrapping paper.  A present.  I thought I’d blog about THAT… or so I thought.

I did also have a brief thought that perhaps instead of putting it away she might start pulling EVERYTHING out of the en suite cupboards.  But then I heard her and Elisha playing on the bed.  “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee… it’s snowing.”  I pictured the the two of them jumping on the bed, throwing ‘snow’ pillows at each other… or so I thought.

Suddenly… “OH! Cayley!”

Image shattered.

Then Cayley comes running down the hall with further peaceful image shattering evidence clinging to her.



snowsnow2 snow3 snow4

And… the evidence…


* I am thankful that this morning proved I can be up and ready on time fairly early in the morning.
* I am thankful that Elisha got to meet two of his classmates for the year today
* I am thankful for the ability to laugh and the antics of my children.
* I am thankful for my children who have antics I can laugh at.
* I am thankful that Elisha can go to kindy tomorrow… and I mean this in the nicest possible way.

4 thoughts on “They Were Supposed To Be Jumping On The Bed”

  1. LOL Tara 🙂
    At least you had the camera on hand to take piccies!!! Oh you are such a good scrapbooker, oh I mean Mummy 😉
    They entertained themselves very well, who need expensive toys. Thanks for sharing, you put a smile on my face 😉

  2. That’s too funny – great pictures(to scarp;)) – hey I have that bedspread to – love the colours!

    Jos is too cute for words also 🙂

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