One Month

Can you believe it?  I can’t!

Jos is one month old today.

And he’s chubbing up at an alarming rate.

From this:


To this:


And now for some recent Cayleyisms

* Brett received a Batman t-shirt for his birthday and Cayley refers to him as ‘Matman’.  Thing is there arefour or five pictures of him – transitioning from Bruce Wayne to a fully fledged Batman.  While I was in hospital Brett had the kids at church and Cayley was sitting on his lap pointing to each one and saying “Matman” over and over again.
* While on the topic of church, our pastor’s name is Matt… Cayley calls him Map.
* She can’t say parrot, it comes out carrot.  We have a whole routine.

Person X: Cayley, say parrot.

Cayley: Carrot

Person X: Cayley, say “p”.

Cayley: p

Person X: Cayley, say “p” “p” parrot

Cayley: “p” “p” carrot

* Today she got a papercut on her finger and it was bleeding all over the place.  Now, I have strange children who, get this, do not like bandaids.  But she needed one because everything she was touching was getting blood stained and the bleeding wasn’t stopping.  And the dramatics, oh my!  I managed to get one on her finger and then distract her with some very cute Flickr pictures.  At dinner time we took the bandaid off.  The bleeding had stopped, but the dramatics started up again.  She insisted (and if you know Cayley, you’ll know what I mean by insisted) she needed a “bambaib”.  Because we are not in the habit of using bandaids for our children we had to scrape the bottom of the barrell to fulfill her request demand, this involved Brett cutting a specially shaped knuckle bandaid so he could put it on her finger.  Even as he was applying said bandaid she was declaring, “Don’t like bambaib”, and it was removed as soon as it was put on.

Turns out she wanted her pretend bandaid from her doctor’s kit.

Which… is designed to be worn on the wrist.  It stopped the dramatics though.

Until it fell off, then they started again until it was put back on.

I am thankful!

* I am thankful for Jos, for the gift that he is to us and the joy he brings us.  That he has been for the most part such an easy going baby.
* I am thankful for the conversationss I’ve had with Brett tonight since he got home from work.  I love talking to him.
* I am thankful that Elisha could go on a shopping adventure with Nan and Pop to get some of the stuff that he needs for kindy.  That he could have that special attention with someone.  And thankful that my mum is going to take him out on another adventure to get the rest of what he needs.
* I am thankful for Elisha’s kindy teacher who took the time to call and let me know of a meeting on Wednesday that I wouldn’t get a note about til Tuesday.
* I am thankful for the Lost Sheep series of books which we’re slowly buying for the kids.

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  1. Can’t believe Josh is already a month old – only seemed like yesterday that he was born – where is this year going already. Pleased you have recored some of Cayley’s sayings – it is great to look back on some of these things , we forget too easily the funny antics of our kids.

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