He Smiled!

Finally. It is always so worth the wait. Now I just have to capture it on camera.

I thought that we might have had a smile earlier in the week, but wasn’t entirely convinced.

I believe he also gave some smiles to Nan on Thursday.

But today I got some for sure and certain.

He had his six week check with the health nurse on Friday, and she said that his strength and development is more like that of a three month old than a six weeker.

Which is a pity, because on Thursday I put him on his tummy on our bed and was having a little chat with him… and he rolled over. I thought it was just a fluke, but apparently not.

In other news Elisha had two full days of kindy this week. He was a bit worried about it Monday night, telling me he was hot (had a temp), even though he didn’t. I think he was trying to convince me that he was sick and couldn’t go. Tuesday morning also involved some strange behaviour. I finally worked out that he had misunderstood what full day/whole day meant, and when I explained that he would be picked up around about the time that Play School starts on tv, he was more than happy to go.

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