Layout Share

Have done quite a few layouts lately, and all using the gorgeous Bittersweet range available from Little Scrapbook Shop.

This first one was for the March cybercrop.  It was a Dr. Seuss theme.  This layout was the sample for the sketch challenge, and I also added the requirement of using a Dr. Seuss quote somewhere on the page.  I love Dr. Suess.


This one is Cayley, post eating watermelon.  Still not sure who came out better… the girl or the fruit?


Finally (for the moment) a gorgeous ladybird I caught on camera one day.  Now a lovely layout.

ladybird 2

And some detail…


Yep, definitely loving the Basic Grey bittersweet range!

A List for Sandie

Sandie’s hit 16,000 hits on her blog.  And she’s asked her readers to make a list.

Here’s mine…


I love lists!  I even use an electronic list at todoist.  This one is a little more complex than they usually are as I was having a run around errand day.  Usually (well usually of late) I have four sections – morning, afternoon and evening, and an extra one for things to do while the kids are in bed (normally stuff on the computer).


Elisha went to a birthday party on the weekend.

The whole class was invited.  That’s some very brave parents.

Actually, they were very clever.  They had a magician come and entertain the children.

He was fantastic, and kept the audience of many, many four/five year olds entertained, along with a sampling of other age groups mesmerised too.

At one point, somewhere in the middle of the show (after several magic tricks had been performed) he was ‘having trouble’ making a trick work.

“I wonder what the problem is?” he mused.

“You’re not really magic!” came the prompt reply from a young member of the audience, who’d obviously forgotten what he’d already seen.

Things I’m thankful for…

*I’m thankful for a much slower  paced weekend than the rest of the week was
*I’m thankful that I survived the busyness of the past week and enjoyed it too.
* I’m so thankful I could catch up with some friends whom I hadn’t seen for such a long time.
* I’m thankful for Revive Our Hearts Ministry and the Counter Cultural Woman series that I’ve been listening too and finding so enriching and edifying
* I’m thankful for the time I’ve had to catch up on some housework and complete SIX layouts this weekend.

Bye Bye

I’ve gone back to being a bad blogger.

Was just going through some photos and thought I’d better start documenting some bits and pieces or I’ll forget!

The first one is a sad one.

Coco died.


Elisha got Coco towards the end of 2007 when he completed his day time toilet training.


After the initial excitement of having a fish wore off I did most of the cleaning and feeding of this little fishy.  He never really did very much.


Cayley was just starting to take an interest in him.  In fact she still pulls the fish food out of the cupboard and asks to feed him.


I no longer have my little companion in the kitchen.  I’m a bit sad I never took a photo while he was living.

Think it’s just about time to start toilet training Cayley.