…it’s tough, but I am so thankful!

On Monday Brett had surgery to repair his anterior cruciate ligament (acl). It was the start to what have been a hard few days.

Monday morning I woke with an upset stomach. It was not happy all day. I didn’t even manage to get out of bed to help Brett with the kids and packing for hospital. I resorted to television for baby sitting.

Tuesday morning was still not fantastic.

Brett came home, and ever since I’ve been flat tack looking after him, even though the big kids are having a short stay with Nan and Pop. I’m surprised at how little I’ve managed to get done.

And yet, even though I have been frustrated, at the same time I am so thankful. There’s some very strange and conflicting stuff going on in my head today.

I am so thankful that Elisha and Cayley have been able to go and stay with mum and dad, and that they were able to take Brett to and bring him back from hospital.
I am so thankful that I have a husband and children to care for… they are such a precious gift from God to me, and they bless me in so many ways every day.
I am so thankful that Brett has been able to have the surgery and at this stage things are looking great, he feels that this operation has been more of a success than the last (on the other side), even though it is early days.
I am so thankful that Monday when I was feeling poorly, the children did a really great job of playing together and Jos was easy.
I am so thankful that Elisha wanted me to go to the party with him today.

I am also thankful for the simple pleasure of my bed… which is where I am about to head off to!

3 thoughts on “Sometimes…”

  1. Oh gosh, that’s no good. There is nothing worse than feeling miserable when you want to be looking after a loved one.
    I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. anything i can do to help out? i’d offer to make a meal and drop it in when i take stuff to js… but we-e-ell, i’m not all up to speed on failsafe…sorry!
    hope it’s just you – that sounds a bit harsh, doesn’t it? umm, what i meant was hope the kids don’t catch it too! (or brett, for that matter!)

    good to hear that the knee’s going well!

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