Happy Mothers’ Day!

The day got off to a wonderful start, Jos let me sleep in until almost six o’clock.

Cayley also got up, but I put her back in her room and locked them in there. I had a little bit of quiet time and then let them out about seven. They went and visited Daddy in bed. Cayley came running down the hall way full pelt… Brett must have reminded her it was Mothers’ Day.

“Mummy!” she cried enthusiastically, “Make my breakfast!”

I received some lovely gifts. Elisha made choc coconut balls and a coathanger for me. He also bought some lovely blue crystal earrings at the mothers’ day stall at school. Cayley made a treasure box at playgroup. And they bought me some ‘Cheeky Monkey’ slippers, which Cayley has hardly taken off since she unwrapped them this morning. I had a hard time convincing her that they actually aren’t hers.

In all seriousness though I am so thankful to be a wife and mother. It is such a joy for me to serve Brett and Elisha and Cayley and little Jos. I’ve been reading ‘Feminine Appeal’ by Carolyn Mahaney this week, and the last little bit I’ve been reading has been about not only serving but also cherishing. I realised that I do the serving part quite well at times, but very often leave the cherishing behind. I pray that in the days, weeks, months and years ahead that I will grow in treasuring my family, and letting them know that I do. Not just doing the things that need to be done for my husband and children, but taking the time to stop and enjoy them too.

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