Who Said Three’s A Crowd?


And Jos has discovered his toes!

I am so thankful
* for my children, they’re unique personalities, and the gift of watching them grow
* my husband, I love him today more than ever
* my camera, to be able to capture a small part of these memories
* craft a creative outlet
* my home a place for fun, relaxing, family, friends…

Some Cayleyisms

My darling girl is just too cute for words sometimes.

Jumpirt = a jumper or a t-shirt… whichever she is referring to at the time

Faysha Wassa = Face Washer
I can ask her to say face washer, and she’ll say it.  I can then immediately hold up a face cloth ask her what it is and she’ll revert to her own way of saying it.

I’ve been unwell a bit over the last couple of weeks, a cold, along with a nice huge headache thrown in for good measure.  Cayley’s been sick too.  She got an egg-ache.  🙂

I know that there were more, but I didn’t write them down, and now they’re gone.