I Love Lamp

The kitchen is no longer a mess.  The bed is no longer in the computer/craft room.

The bedroom is not quite finished though.

I am being very strict about what I am letting back in there.  (Yes, Brett has been allowed back in, just in case you were wondering!)

Our old lamps are NOT going back in, but I’m having trouble finding lamps I like to replace them.  That was until yesterday, when I received my Target catalogue. I showed Brett the picture.


“I like the lamp,” he says, “but what is that brown thing?!”

“That would be the lamp I like darling.”

3 thoughts on “I Love Lamp”

  1. Oh Tara. I am sitting here roaring out laughing……………that is a classic.

    I hope you win with the “brown things”…………….LOL.

    I like em.

    Luv Sandie

    1. Glad you got a good laugh out of it sandie! Hoping I manage to score two of these… haven’t had much luck with Target lately.

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