Hair Again

But today, Elisha’s.

To put it bluntly, he needs a haircut.  And it’s not that I haven’t tried, but more that he doesn’t want to and I haven’t forced.  So Elisha when I whip this one out at your 21st you’ve no one to blame but yourself.


The cockatoo thing has been with us now for a few weeks… though it’s getting worse.  I used to be able to wet it and brush it down… but it is gaining strenth daily, and I’m fighting a losing battle.

Time to force the haircut I do believe.

Gorgeous Boy and Other Child Related News

Hasn’t this boy of ours got the coolest hair ever?!


He’s finally worked out how to go forward in the last week or two… commando style.  He has also popped four teeth – two top and two bottom.  And working on another four.

Cayley (after falling over): I can’t walk, my leg has run out of petrol.

Elisha is having drops for his eyes instead of patching… and doing his best to break his glasses AGAIN!