Some Cayley-isms

Have kept track of some of Cayley’s classic comments over the last couple of weeks.  Seeing as I can’t get my photo editing software to work I’ll share these instead of a pretty picture.

Tara: “I’m brushing the knots out of your hair.”
Cayley: “Are they on the carpet now?”

Coming back from the beach she decided to roll in the sand while wet instead of staying clean.  Then the performance started while walking back to the unit.
Cayley: “I’m saaaaaaaaaaandy!  I’m alllllllllllllllllll sandy!  I’m the sandiest girl in the world!”

Cayley can spell.
Cayley: “I can spell mummy… ‘eh’, ‘d’, ‘see’… mummy.  I can spell bear too… ‘eat’, ‘aytch.”

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