Family Night – Volcanoes

Our very first family night.  It was great.  I hope I manage to do a few more!

First we picked up Daddy and drove to Faulkner Park in Belmont.  This was where we revealed the theme of the night to the kids… Volcanoes.  We’ve been to this playground before, but the volcano has been repainted, and the water misters in the volcano were working too… looked like steam coming out of it!

Though I took heaps of photos while we were at the park, Elisha and Cayley just wouldn’t stay still in the volcano, this is pretty much what most of the photos look like.



Then back past work to drop Brett off to get his car.  When we got home Cayley and Elisha had a quick bounce on the trampoline while I put the finishing touches on dinner… then back into volcano mode.

This was waiting in the sandpit.

I had this.

Mix them together and you get this.
They loved it…

And it worked for ages… I had to go get the bottle of vinegar so we could keep going!

Shower time while I finished dinner… volcano dinner of course

With molten cheese and lava sauce.

What’s a volcano dinner without a volcano dessert?

Ice-cream (or sorbet if you’re dairy intolerant!)

Ice magic…


Strawberry topping


We also had volcano drinks (spiders), but I neglected to get a picture of those.  We had a really great time together.  The park was fun, the bicarb/vinegar volcano was very exciting, dinner was eaten with no complaints, they couldn’t eat all their dessert and were very grateful for the special drinks.  We watched some YouTube videos of volcanoes errupting and lava flowing.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time at the park. How creative you are to also bring those ideas home, especially to the dinner table. Love you

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