She Said She Wasn’t Tired

It’s been a BIG week for a certain little girl in our house this week.

Elisha’s been back at school, which means lots of walking to pick drop him off and pick him up.

Someone also started 3 year old kindy… remember?

She had kindy on Tuesday and Friday.

Come Friday she didn’t have her usual nap.  I think she was too wired from kindy.

Come bed time she said she wasn’t tired.  We have had a lot of trouble getting Cayley to stay in her bed at night.  We have come to the compromise that she is allowed up, but has to stay in her bedroom.  She usually comes out anyway.

So, she wasn’t tired.

About ten minutes after we put them in bed Brett found this…

I thought she wasn’t tired.

And when Brett picked her up to put her in bed, she fought him saying she wanted to stay on the floor!  We didn’t see her or hear from her again.

Precious little girl.

He Sort of Had a Birthday

Yes, Jos is one!  He had his birthday while we were away in Busselton.  Nan and Pop came to visit for the day.

They brought him a present.

(Ahem, the only one he’s got so far! I feel very naughty)

Brett went out late the night before for a coffee with the other guys… and picked him up a cupcake for his birthday.




We also had a picnic dinner – with more cupcakes later on that day.

We will be doing something for his birthday, it’s just going to be quite late.  I don’t think he’ll remember, do you?

I just have to share one more photo… the expressions on Jos’ and my face are hilarious!!!

Highlight of the Farm

If you asked Elisha what his favourite thing at Country Life Farm was, I can pretty much guarantee his answer would be the bumper/shooter cars.

In addition to being bumper cars they were fitted with joysticks for shooting each other, and when you got hit you spun around very fast.

It was hard to get good photos, but just look at the expressions on the faces!


Did you have fun Elisha?

What about you Brett?

First Day!

Today was two firsts…

Elisha’s first day back at school.  Pre-primary this year.

Cayley had a first too.  First day (half) at 3 year old kindy.

They were so ready to go, and didn’t really want their photos taken.  But I snapped anyway.

This is Cayley when I went to pick her up.

She tried to tell me she didn’t have fun later.  I don’t think I believe her do you?

You might notice she’s not wearing her kindy clothes anymore.  Long story, but to cut it short, she had an afternoon session, but had to be in her clothes first thing in the morning.  She had a little ‘wee’ accident while we were picking up Elisha and there wasn’t time to take her home and get her another t-shirt… so it was what was in the bag.  I was a little bit sad.  She couldn’t have cared less.

Country Life Farm

Our first full day in Busselton we took a trip down Caves Road to Country Life Farm.  Had a wonderful time; let me show you.






Not the nicest photo of me, but I was absolutely smitten with the teeny little rabbit.

Brett took the kids out for a row on the lake.  I took some snap shots of the duck

… and of them.  Cayley had ‘helped’ me do her hair, she certainly has her own style!