First Day!

Today was two firsts…

Elisha’s first day back at school.  Pre-primary this year.

Cayley had a first too.  First day (half) at 3 year old kindy.

They were so ready to go, and didn’t really want their photos taken.  But I snapped anyway.

This is Cayley when I went to pick her up.

She tried to tell me she didn’t have fun later.  I don’t think I believe her do you?

You might notice she’s not wearing her kindy clothes anymore.  Long story, but to cut it short, she had an afternoon session, but had to be in her clothes first thing in the morning.  She had a little ‘wee’ accident while we were picking up Elisha and there wasn’t time to take her home and get her another t-shirt… so it was what was in the bag.  I was a little bit sad.  She couldn’t have cared less.

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