She Said She Wasn’t Tired

It’s been a BIG week for a certain little girl in our house this week.

Elisha’s been back at school, which means lots of walking to pick drop him off and pick him up.

Someone also started 3 year old kindy… remember?

She had kindy on Tuesday and Friday.

Come Friday she didn’t have her usual nap.  I think she was too wired from kindy.

Come bed time she said she wasn’t tired.  We have had a lot of trouble getting Cayley to stay in her bed at night.  We have come to the compromise that she is allowed up, but has to stay in her bedroom.  She usually comes out anyway.

So, she wasn’t tired.

About ten minutes after we put them in bed Brett found this…

I thought she wasn’t tired.

And when Brett picked her up to put her in bed, she fought him saying she wanted to stay on the floor!  We didn’t see her or hear from her again.

Precious little girl.

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