Park Day

We spent much of today outside at parks.  And what a glorious day for it!

First up, a get together with our mums’ group and others.  The kids had a great time having so many friends to play with.

The giant soccer ball was definitely a hit with the kids, and Elisha especially seemed to take a shine to it.  It was not quite so popular with the parents who had to keep chasing it right across the oval, as it took off with every little puff of wind.

I had to laugh at Jos.  For ages he sat and just watched everyone and took it all in.  Eventually he got into it too!

Thanks Karen, for the great idea, and all the fantastic games and equipment you brought along.  Like I said… you know it’s been a hit when the kids aren’t happy about going home.

After a bit of time at home, and a sleep for Jos it was time to head to Gran and Opa’s place.  There was food, biscuit decorating and an Easter egg hunt… all of which I took no photos of because I was busy or the kids were moving too fast for me to catch on the camera.  After all the excitement (and sugar) a trip to the park was in order.  More fun.


I’m not sure exactly what is going on here (in Elisha’s thoughts), but apparently frisbee is serious business.



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