He didn’t?

He did!

I’ve been meaning to pop in and mention Jos’ latest and most favoured activity.  Taking off his pants.  He takes them off, steps out of them, picks them up and takes them to the nearest adult to be put back on so the whole routine can start again.


I was telling the ladies at Bible study this morning how thankful I was that even though Jos loves taking his pants off, and knows how to take his nappy off, he’s never actually combined the two skills.

Guess what he did during nap time today.

Very relieved he didn’t add another, more artistic skill to that set!

On a related, but slightly off-topic note, he is showing some signs of being a little bit of a tidy boy.  After this afternoon’s incident with removal of pants and nappy during nap-time (during which no napping occurred), I picked him up, put on a new nappy and took him out to the couch to try and settle him, he’d started crying heartily while I was getting him dressed again and nothing seemed to be appeasing him.  Eventually I stood up again, he was in my arms, and he started directing me with a pointing finger.  Down the hall, back to his bedroom… and then pointing to the nappy on the floor, the blanket on the floor and the teddy on the floor.  They all had to be picked up.  Once that was done the crying ceased.

What a funny little fellow our Jos is.

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