Reading Eggs – Free Five Week Trial

I received an e-mail about the special promotion during the week, and thought I’d share it every way I could think of seeing as Elisha and Cayley love it so much.  Elisha has completed most of the lessons available and is learning to read.  It is so exciting to watch the world of words opening up to him.  Here’s the info…


We are excited to announce that the annual ABC Reading Eggs Great Literacy Challenge has commenced for 2010!

For each new unique user who registers on the site by the 22 of August 2010 for a free trial, using the access code provided, we will donate $1 to the Children’s Cancer Institute

To take advantage of the FREE 5 weeks trial, your friends and family must register at and add the code below in the required field:


New Slippers

Gran brought around some new slippers for Cayley recently. Someone had given them to her.  The just so happen to be Cayley’s favourite colour.  Or one of her favourite colours.  The other is pink.


Yes, she is wearing Bob the Builder pyjamas.  That’s what happens when your older sibling is a boy.

Deal or No Deal

Elisha had his first visit to the school dentist yesterday.  How exciting!!!

Well, I would have been excited if I had known it was coming up.

This is how the story goes:

Elisha: “I went to the school dentist today.”

The end.

Okay, okay, I did manage to glean a little more information from him, and we even found the dental report in his bag, but that wasn’t all that enlightening either.


I guess that makes it not a big deal.

Where’s Wally Party

As promised, here’s a bit more about Elisha’s party.  But not much, as I didn’t take all that many photos.

Here’s the inside table, set up for the straight after school snack which we had inside when the guests arrived.

And thanks to Dad, for being a super champ and helping with dishes, and clean-up after the party too!  I appreciated it so much.

Here’s the outside table, ready and waiting for food and guests.

Yes, there were rather a lot of guests (even more than there are places at the table).  Please don’t ask exactly how many because I’m not sure.  But I am sure that we had a FANTASTIC time.  It was crazy, but it was fun.

Because Where’s Wally is not highly merchandised, I made my own decorations where I could.

Here’s a close-up of the take-home bags.

Wally (or Waldo) has some excellent graphics available, and I used these for most of the decorations.

I don’t have photos of the rest, but there were labels on the cups, cupcake toppers and about 100 small Wallys hidden around the house (and 1 each of Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard, Woof and Odlaw).

After going to the park to kick the soccer ball around, they came back, had a scavenger hunt, party food and then free play until home time.

So many people helped me out to make the afternoon fun for Elisha and I am so thankful for the assistance.  I couldn’t have done it by myself.  Thank you.

Another Trip To The Farm

We love it so much!

Although Jos decided that sleeping is not the done thing, so we ended coming home a little earlier than we originally intended.  I didn’t have the camera as an extension of my body this time either, was very light on with the happy snappy.  These first few photos are compliments of Brett.


When a boy’s got a dad who likes fire, and a mum who likes fire, what chance has he got?


And not only did they build the fire outside, but inside the wood stove needs to be lit for hot water, so it’s a constant source of amusement.  For Elisha, and dad, and mum!


While I stayed home with Cayley and Jos after lunch, Brett and Elisha went for a bushwalk.  On Sunday Aunty Cathy joined them, as she came for a brief visit.  Lots to be explored and discovered.  On Saturday they found a scorpion, but it wasn’t out on Sunday when they went to look.  But plenty of other exciting things…

… a termite mound built over a dead branch

… isn’t this amazing?! I wonder what made it like that?

… would love to identify this fellow, but couldn’t


… he didn’t have to climb over the fence, he found a kangaroo hole

… enjoying the fresh air and sunshine with Aunty Cathy.

When Jos was suitably awake (Cayley decided not to sleep), we took another walk, but this time not quite so far.  We went to the shearing shed.

Aunty Cathy kindly took some family photos for us.


We strolled round the ‘front’ and spend some time in the climbing trees.



A bit of mucking around in the gullies (from run off… or washouts or something) and then some of us had had enough and it was time to head back to the house.

And pack up to go home.

Bye farm, ’til next time!


Happy (If Not Slightly Belated) Birthday

On Friday Elisha turned six.


He is not an early-riser by nature, even on his birthday, and we had to be at school on time because it was photo day, and his class was first cab off the rank.



We made it, and with time to spare… even after present opening and special breakfast.


Immediately after school was his birthday party.


It was “Where’s Wally?” themed.


I had lots of fun preparing for the party (but more about that later).


He was sure he ‘looked bigger’ having turned six.


I’d say he’s grown a fair bit in six years, wouldn’t you?!


He can even make himself toast for breakfast. That is, if I get the toaster out of the cupboard and the bread out of the freezer.

Six things I love about Elisha at six:

* His new laugh (might have to try and catch it on video to share with you).
* Tonight he came out with a new word – confocus.
* Watching him be a great big brother. Today he had some great moments running around and wrestling with Jos.
* Reading recipe books is a favourite pastime.
* That he loves his new socks and pulls them up as high as they’ll go.
* His ability to give issues deep thought.

Dearest Elisha,

It has been an absolute joy to have you in our family.  It is my prayer for you that as you continue to grow that you will do so with God as your anchor in all of life.  I do my best in my role as your mum, but I often fail.  God never will.  I love you from the top of my heart, to the bottom of my heart (or as Cayley says, “All the way up to Jesus”), God loves you infinitely more than you or I will ever be able to conceive in this lifetime.  May your heart’s desire be to know him, please him and enjoy him forever.  There are so many things I wish for you, but this is the one that I hope above all else – that you grow to be a godly man.

Hugs and kisses (and maybe a sock wrestle thrown in for good measure), Mummy xxxxxx