Happy (If Not Slightly Belated) Birthday

On Friday Elisha turned six.


He is not an early-riser by nature, even on his birthday, and we had to be at school on time because it was photo day, and his class was first cab off the rank.



We made it, and with time to spare… even after present opening and special breakfast.


Immediately after school was his birthday party.


It was “Where’s Wally?” themed.


I had lots of fun preparing for the party (but more about that later).


He was sure he ‘looked bigger’ having turned six.


I’d say he’s grown a fair bit in six years, wouldn’t you?!


He can even make himself toast for breakfast. That is, if I get the toaster out of the cupboard and the bread out of the freezer.

Six things I love about Elisha at six:

* His new laugh (might have to try and catch it on video to share with you).
* Tonight he came out with a new word – confocus.
* Watching him be a great big brother. Today he had some great moments running around and wrestling with Jos.
* Reading recipe books is a favourite pastime.
* That he loves his new socks and pulls them up as high as they’ll go.
* His ability to give issues deep thought.

Dearest Elisha,

It has been an absolute joy to have you in our family.  It is my prayer for you that as you continue to grow that you will do so with God as your anchor in all of life.  I do my best in my role as your mum, but I often fail.  God never will.  I love you from the top of my heart, to the bottom of my heart (or as Cayley says, “All the way up to Jesus”), God loves you infinitely more than you or I will ever be able to conceive in this lifetime.  May your heart’s desire be to know him, please him and enjoy him forever.  There are so many things I wish for you, but this is the one that I hope above all else – that you grow to be a godly man.

Hugs and kisses (and maybe a sock wrestle thrown in for good measure), Mummy xxxxxx

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