Another Trip To The Farm

We love it so much!

Although Jos decided that sleeping is not the done thing, so we ended coming home a little earlier than we originally intended.  I didn’t have the camera as an extension of my body this time either, was very light on with the happy snappy.  These first few photos are compliments of Brett.


When a boy’s got a dad who likes fire, and a mum who likes fire, what chance has he got?


And not only did they build the fire outside, but inside the wood stove needs to be lit for hot water, so it’s a constant source of amusement.  For Elisha, and dad, and mum!


While I stayed home with Cayley and Jos after lunch, Brett and Elisha went for a bushwalk.  On Sunday Aunty Cathy joined them, as she came for a brief visit.  Lots to be explored and discovered.  On Saturday they found a scorpion, but it wasn’t out on Sunday when they went to look.  But plenty of other exciting things…

… a termite mound built over a dead branch

… isn’t this amazing?! I wonder what made it like that?

… would love to identify this fellow, but couldn’t


… he didn’t have to climb over the fence, he found a kangaroo hole

… enjoying the fresh air and sunshine with Aunty Cathy.

When Jos was suitably awake (Cayley decided not to sleep), we took another walk, but this time not quite so far.  We went to the shearing shed.

Aunty Cathy kindly took some family photos for us.


We strolled round the ‘front’ and spend some time in the climbing trees.



A bit of mucking around in the gullies (from run off… or washouts or something) and then some of us had had enough and it was time to head back to the house.

And pack up to go home.

Bye farm, ’til next time!


One thought on “Another Trip To The Farm”

  1. Wow some great photos there Tara. And I agree, that tree branch and it’s patterns is amazing. I think it’s some kind of bug that boars under the bark that makes the trails. I vaguely remember seeing it on some lifestyle show or other.

    Wirgie x x

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