Cayleyism With A Bonus Elishaism

Two for the price of one today!

Cayley and I were sitting on the bed, having a lovely conversation.  Then out of the blue…

Cayley: Mummy, if you don’t shave your legs, they’ll get a beard.


Today is Brett and my tenth wedding anniversary.  I was talking to Elisha and Cayley about it.

Elisha: Uh uh!  That’s not long enough.

Mummy: Well how long do you think we’ve been married.

Elisha: Infinity.

Happy Anniversary Brett, I feel like I’ve known you for infinity, and I love you more than ever, but it doesn’t feel like it’s been infinity.

Two Words #2

This morning


church agm


taking minutes?


This morning we had breakfast and our church agm at our place… Cayley brought her laptop out, just like the secretary had.  She didn’t last long. Her replacement did though!  He was so cute, listening, watching, even nodding his head at some points.  He makes me laugh.

Thirty-Three Ninety-Seven

This week’s list #33 – #97.

holy experience

For Lisa being able to pick Cayley up from kindy so Jos could sleep a little longer
Being able to catch up with Frank, and some of their kiddies
GPS on my phone making it easy to find places.
Playing at the park with Mrs Singleton and Calvin
Having fun on the front lawn waitin gfor Daddy to come home
Cayley’s love of animals
The companionship of Ookie
Bleach for wiping mildew
Prayer calendars for helping and teaching me to pray for my husband and children (03/08/10)
For Cayleyisms – princess camels and growing on your birthday
The way Cayley reminds me of me sometimes and the emotions that brings
Mug brownies
Pictures being hung on our bedroom wall
Checking for my purse before putting fuel in the car
Daisies from the children
Cayley trying hard to stay dry at night (04/08/10)
Elisha showing improvement with his patching
A peaceful family dinner time
Caroline’s cream
Homeplanning file
Back scratches (05/08/10)
For colouring in on the blanket outside
Dean the Bee Man’s honey
Story time before bed
Cayley going for a play at Olivia’s
Jos’ love of his big brother and sister
Brett, my after-work shopper
Op shops (06/08/10)
Jos’ dimples
That Jos looks like a boy, even when he’s wearing girls’ pyjamas
Exercising on the wii fit with the kids
Being able to see the McGlue’s before they leave
Visiting nan
Jos and Cayley enjoying a bath at Nan & Pop’s
Good talks with Brett
New jumper from Target
Watching the boys enjoy DS together at Riley’s
Cayley getting tiny teddy bears wrapped up in a huge bandage and carrying them around everywhere
Jos’ obsession with his socks and shoes (07/08/10)
Having fun watching a movie with Brett last night
Church family, that it’s okay to cry in front of them and they love me anyway
Having a dvd afternoon with Elisha and Cayley while Jos slept.  Where’s Wally and Little House on the Fairy
Forgiveness, can’t imagine life without it (08/08/10)

holy experience

See the full list at my One Thousand Gifts page

Winter In Perth

Winter in Perth is lovely.  Yes, it can get cold, and yes, it rains… sometimes.  But, it doesn’t snow, and I’ve managed to keep the family in clean clothes without a dryer (a few emergency runs to parents’ houses to borrow theirs).

I love that I can still let the children play outside in the afternoons.

Sometimes we play out the front and wait for daddy.  This is a favourite for me, we get to say hello to all the neighbours as they walk past, or wave to them as they drive home from work.  Usually we just play on the grass.  But this week bikes, scooters and other assorted toys were taken out too.


Elisha was busy on the scooter trying to keep out of the picture…


It’s always fun waiting out the front and being able to greet Daddy as soon as he gets home.

We enjoy playing in the backyard too.

This week for something a bit different I let them take a blanket, colouring books and textas outside.  It was a hit.  Jos was somewhere around, gathering more weeds to put in the Tonka truck.


Yes, sometimes it’s cold in winter, but you can always put on another jumper.