holy experience

  1. Hearty Chicken Casserole recipe
  2. A lovely visit with Thi, Dinh and Gau
  3. Slow Saturday mornings
  4. The children all playing with one toy together
  5. Citrus trees and friends who share the fruit
  6. Herb gardens
  7. Ice-blocks, kettles and colour shifting cars
  8. A freshly vacuumed car
  9. Heart shaped sprinkles on Weet-Bix
  10. The cat snuggled on the chair where Brett was sitting (31/07/10)
  11. Bathtime fun
  12. Church lunches
  13. Bike rides… even when I don’t join the fun
  14. Perfectly roasted vegetables, especially pumpkin
  15. Toothsticks
  16. My Oxo vegetable peeler
  17. Lava lamp watching
  18. Lego
  19. Brett being willing to do little odd jobs that help me out so much
  20. Late night and early morning reading to finish a good book
  21. Brett sitting next to me reading, while I’m computing (01/08/10)
  22. Monday night craft with friends
  23. My weekly home-planning retreat
  24. An awesome baby sitter
  25. Apple cake (but with three apples and no sultanas – I forgot to mention, it was my awesome babysitter who made the cake with my kiddies while I was out!)
  26. Pumpkin soup
  27. ‘Nesting beds’
  28. Warm winter weather good for drying washing
  29. “Glory revealed’ cds
  30. Slipper socks
  31. Pineapple and strawberries
  32. Having shops close to home (02/08/10)

4 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. A lovely list of gratitude. I enjoyed visiting your site. I join you in gratitude for yummy recipe’s, for slow Saturday mornings when we can relax and for pineapple and strawberries.
    grace and peace to you

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