Winter In Perth

Winter in Perth is lovely.  Yes, it can get cold, and yes, it rains… sometimes.  But, it doesn’t snow, and I’ve managed to keep the family in clean clothes without a dryer (a few emergency runs to parents’ houses to borrow theirs).

I love that I can still let the children play outside in the afternoons.

Sometimes we play out the front and wait for daddy.  This is a favourite for me, we get to say hello to all the neighbours as they walk past, or wave to them as they drive home from work.  Usually we just play on the grass.  But this week bikes, scooters and other assorted toys were taken out too.


Elisha was busy on the scooter trying to keep out of the picture…


It’s always fun waiting out the front and being able to greet Daddy as soon as he gets home.

We enjoy playing in the backyard too.

This week for something a bit different I let them take a blanket, colouring books and textas outside.  It was a hit.  Jos was somewhere around, gathering more weeds to put in the Tonka truck.


Yes, sometimes it’s cold in winter, but you can always put on another jumper.

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