Judge You

Yesterday afternoon was not the most calm and tranquil afternoon our family has seen.

There has been painting going on, and that has meant some disruption to ‘normalcy’.

I decided a walk down to the shops to pick up afternoon tea would be a good diversion for Cayley, Jos and myself.   Elisha was visiting a school friend.  I announced my intentions to Cayley.  She asked if she could ride her bike.  I wanted to say yes, but felt that while pushing Jos in his pram, keeping Cayley safe on her bike was going to be a bit too much for me to manage.  The compromise I came to was that I would ride my bike, with Cayley and Jos in the bike trailer.

I moved the car out of the way of the gate, so I could bring the bike and trailer through.  I hauled the trailer up the steps.  Oh.  Flat tyres.  No worries, go and get the pump from the back room.  Oh, wrong attachment… no more bits there.  Can’t pump up the tyres.

By this time Jos has figured out what is going on and is very excitedly ready with his helmet on and waiting to hop in and go.

He’s not happy at all when I try to remove it from his head.

So we go to the shops in the car, Jos with bike helmet on.

And I watch people’s reactions…

She smiles and thinks he’s cute, what a funny helmet.

He thinks, what sort of a parent lets their kid walk around with a bike helmet on.

There’s a look of pity to me, a child so unco-ordinated he has to wear a helmet all day.

Another patronising look, who tries to protect their child with a helmet in public!

Meanwhile I laugh at all their judgements, because I know the truth.  I know that he just wanted to wear his helmet and I let him.  And he thinks it’s great.

And then I realise that I don’t know the truth of what they’re thinking.  I’m judging them, just like I assumed they were judging me.