A Josism

And he doesn’t even talk!

Jos is the first of our three children to display naturally tidy tendencies.

He loves to put things where they belong, help take people’s dirty washing to the laundry and help me with cleaning.

Last week I let him wash dishes.  This is one of his favourite activities.  Any time I run the tap for more than ten seconds and he realises, he is grabbing a chair and coming on over to help.  He will bring the chair over, climb up, take a look and then get down, get a cup and get back up on the chair.  Routine.  Every time.

He also likes to wash and dry his hands.

Back to last week – when I let him wash the dishes – he decided that washing dishes and drying hands go together.  He’d play in the water for a second, realise his hands were wet and then climb down, dry them and start all over again.  And he did this several times.  He’s persistent if nothing else!