Jos’ birthday… a recap

Finally got a moment to go through the photos and pick some to share his day.

Of course there was obligatory present opening as soon as everyone (but Daddy) was awake.  Then we grab the presents and jump on the bed to wake him up and open them.

There was this one present, from Cayley, that was a bit scary… he backed away from it as he opened it.  He’s warmed up to it, but it’s been a slow process.

Of course you have to test these presents out you know.  First thing.

Later in the afternoon we were joined by family and friends at Deep Water Point for a picnic and some fun.

There was swimming (twice),


more present opening,

more testing of presents,

and lots of fun all round.

For an animal lover like Cayley, there was no shortage of thrills too.

There were swans (have I ever told you I’m scared (read: terrified) of swans).

Jellyfish… small, large and LOTS.

bigjellyfishI even managed to get one photo with all three of my children in it!  Special.


Still working on getting one photo with all five of us in it.  One day.


Brett has some great friends.  Godly men who stay in touch with each other, share, pray for and encourage one another.

Here’s Brett, Dave and the gaggle of almost all our children!


Precious days.  Hard days.  I thank the Lord for family and friends.


Do you ever have those days where you just have to get out of the house with your children?  We had one of those today.

This morning we went to Ikea, a new experience for us, and one that we may just repeat again.

Late this afternoon we headed out to the river near my folks place to look for a good climbing tree.

Jos has been getting more and more fussy about his clothes and shoes of late.  Today it was thongs AND socks he wanted to wear.  I didn’t say fussy in a good way!  He wasn’t too happy at all when that combination wasn’t workable.  Sandals and socks were not an acceptable compromise, neither was just thongs, but that’s what he ended up with anyway.

This afternoon at the river, the sand in his thongs was upsetting him.

We had a nice time while at the river.  My brothers Joshua and Simon joined us with a frisbee and it was so good just to be outside.  Together.

There weren’t really any great climbing trees, but there were some ‘sitting’ trees.
elishatree (2)

cayleytree (2)




I’ve noticed Elisha’s thoughtfulness and care of his little brother, and even shows of affection have been on the increase of late.  It’s beautiful.


Jos has his own way of playing frisbee…

First a special throwing style – from the top of your head –

And if you don’t get the frisbee when you want it?  Then you chuck a bit of a paddy (but don’t forget to watch to make sure that someone at least is watching).
jospaddy1 jospaddy2 jospaddy3 jospaddy4

We’ve been quite intentional about getting out of the house a lot this holidays.  To keep the cabin-fever and nit-picking to a minimum.  And it’s been really great to do some fun, cheap and outdoors activities together.


Elisha has been having VacSwim lessons.

He has progressed so far since last school holidays.  This is a sight I didn’t think I’d see for quite some time to come!



Yes, he’s swimming.  With his face in the water!

Way to go Elisha, I’m so proud that you’ve been brave enough and worked hard to get this far.

And having fun too!


A Cayleyism

Elisha has been quite enjoying this book:

And sharing the jokes with the rest of us.

A favourite time to share the jokes is while driving around.

Elisha: What did the big firecracker say to the little firecracker?

Cayley: My crack is bigger than your crack.

Brett and I had a genuine giggle in the front of the car.

And just in case you’re wondering what the correct answer is… substitute pop for crack and you’ve got it.

In other Cayley news, she thought that the cat would look ‘pretty’ with a bit of accessorising today.

And what would one have handy before one went swimming?

Ookie, no surprise, was not into it.


Almost no photo for today.  But I remembered at dinner time and quickly whipped the camera out.

Good thing I did too.  Elisha helped me cook tonight, and he did a great job.


Quesidillas.  From the cookbook


that Aunty Cathy gave Cayley for Christmas.

And they were so much tastier than I thought they were going to be.  In fact, they were delicious.


Sometimes it is hard to do, even when it is what is best for you.


Cayley hung on for all it was worth today, but finally bombed out about five minutes before rest time was finished.

I see the same in myself.  I push and push, and forget to rest.  But rest is so important for managing the remainder of the day.

Let’s Fly Together

A whole day of the new year has already passed.  I can see that 2011 is going to fly by.  I long for a heart that will treasure each moment.

Already this morning I felt cross because some of the kiddies got up very early, didn’t want to play by themselves and I had to get up.  But it is possible to look at this in a positive light and see that this means I get more time to spend with my precious children.



Last week Brett took the sides off Jos’ cot, as he’d been climbing out of it.  He’s so proud of his ‘new’ bed.  And any chance he gets to tuck someone into it is taken.  He got Elisha in on the action this afternoon.

And although Elisha is still very much a young boy, Brett and I have been getting glimpses of a mature young man, and it is so heart warming.  At times as a parent it is easy to despair that everything we desire for our children and long to teach them is impossible.  These moments of preview are precious and grace-filled.

Today I am thankful for:

* An early morning with 2/3 of my children
* The Lords’ Supper, and Ron’s message reminding us of what it is
* My Three Crosses church family
* Brett – playing with three grumpy children this afternoon and even having fun
* Simple dinners, readily eaten
* Elisha showing genuine sympathy to Jos when he fell off his chair – oh this is such an answer to prayer!
* Elisha really trying hard with his patch, even though he can barely see