Let’s Fly Together

A whole day of the new year has already passed.  I can see that 2011 is going to fly by.  I long for a heart that will treasure each moment.

Already this morning I felt cross because some of the kiddies got up very early, didn’t want to play by themselves and I had to get up.  But it is possible to look at this in a positive light and see that this means I get more time to spend with my precious children.



Last week Brett took the sides off Jos’ cot, as he’d been climbing out of it.  He’s so proud of his ‘new’ bed.  And any chance he gets to tuck someone into it is taken.  He got Elisha in on the action this afternoon.

And although Elisha is still very much a young boy, Brett and I have been getting glimpses of a mature young man, and it is so heart warming.  At times as a parent it is easy to despair that everything we desire for our children and long to teach them is impossible.  These moments of preview are precious and grace-filled.

Today I am thankful for:

* An early morning with 2/3 of my children
* The Lords’ Supper, and Ron’s message reminding us of what it is
* My Three Crosses church family
* Brett – playing with three grumpy children this afternoon and even having fun
* Simple dinners, readily eaten
* Elisha showing genuine sympathy to Jos when he fell off his chair – oh this is such an answer to prayer!
* Elisha really trying hard with his patch, even though he can barely see

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