Welcome to 2011

A new year.  I don’t know about you, but I find a new year so exciting.  Not just a blank page, or a blank chapter, but a whole blank book!  No mistakes.

The thing is though, if I’m honest about it.  I know that I’m going to make a mess somewhere this year.

It’s good to know that God’s is merciful and forgiving… what a gift we receive at Christmas in his Son.  I know that he can look at the book of my life as perfect.  Thank you Lord!

We went to the beach early this morning.

It was beautiful.



The shore was teeming with shells.  One of my favourite thing about beaches.  And I’d brought an empty container.  Perfect!

Today I am thankful for

* a gorgeous morning at the beach
* ice-creams, icy-poles & sorbet (and all on one day)
* going through the car wash – simple delights
* a random visit to nan and pop
* the children resting quietly
* a tantrum free afternoon
* a simple, but appreciated dinner

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