Do you ever have those days where you just have to get out of the house with your children?  We had one of those today.

This morning we went to Ikea, a new experience for us, and one that we may just repeat again.

Late this afternoon we headed out to the river near my folks place to look for a good climbing tree.

Jos has been getting more and more fussy about his clothes and shoes of late.  Today it was thongs AND socks he wanted to wear.  I didn’t say fussy in a good way!  He wasn’t too happy at all when that combination wasn’t workable.  Sandals and socks were not an acceptable compromise, neither was just thongs, but that’s what he ended up with anyway.

This afternoon at the river, the sand in his thongs was upsetting him.

We had a nice time while at the river.  My brothers Joshua and Simon joined us with a frisbee and it was so good just to be outside.  Together.

There weren’t really any great climbing trees, but there were some ‘sitting’ trees.
elishatree (2)

cayleytree (2)




I’ve noticed Elisha’s thoughtfulness and care of his little brother, and even shows of affection have been on the increase of late.  It’s beautiful.


Jos has his own way of playing frisbee…

First a special throwing style – from the top of your head –

And if you don’t get the frisbee when you want it?  Then you chuck a bit of a paddy (but don’t forget to watch to make sure that someone at least is watching).
jospaddy1 jospaddy2 jospaddy3 jospaddy4

We’ve been quite intentional about getting out of the house a lot this holidays.  To keep the cabin-fever and nit-picking to a minimum.  And it’s been really great to do some fun, cheap and outdoors activities together.

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