The Hairy Answer

You guessed it!


He was after a spider.  A fairly decent sized one too.  He’s just as brave as his Daddy, but has a little way to go until he is just at tall too.

I must confess, the thought of putting this photo up with the piles of stuff all around was something that I thought about.  I wondered if I should crop the mess out, or try my hand at a bit of trickier editing than I normally do.  Or even offering an explanation for why it is there.

But then I remembered my change project at Bible study at the moment.  I want to be less worried about what people think about me… not fearing others’ judgement, or needing their approval.  Being happy in the safety of my heavenly Father and everything that he has done for me.

Off to hit publish!

Rusty Shanks

Meet Rusty.


He’s Cayley’s love.  She doesn’t have to take him everywhere but she does have to have him to go to sleep at night.

Rusty is not Cayley’s first love.

There is a tragic story behind his demise.

I might share it with you tomorrow.

But what I want to know today, is what company names a cute toy lamb “Shanks“… as is on this guy’s tag?

Jos Loves Babies

It really is quite adorable how Jos loves babies.  He speaks in a higher pitched, soft voice, gets right down in their face and talks to them.  If they have a dummy he will continually put it back in for them.  Give them their bottle or sippy cup.  Pat them.  Anything he thinks he can do to make them feel loved, he’ll do it for them.

He’s even taken to carrying a doll around; his baby.

However, I get the feeling that he still has a lot to learn.


I wont recommend him as a baby sitter just yet.

They Love It

Jos seems rather taken with all the updates in the bedrooms at the moment.  He loves to show anyone who is interested, and even anyone who isn’t!

He enjoys being in the rooms with Cayley and Elisha too.



Which is kind of strange, because Jos is very much a boy who likes his routine, and things being the same.

He makes me laugh.


In a good way.


Mornings here can be a bit full on.  With three littlies to get ready and house stuff to try and do, it is easy to just see what needs to be done, and get a little frantic.

However, I find if I’m taking the time to look for it, there is so much good around me.

The kids are a constant source of smiles.

Cayley rediscovered her princess tiara recently, and has worn it to school quite a few times since.


Jos loves to do what his big siblings do… this time, wear a headband, just like Cayley.


Oh that I would have eyes to see these good things always.

Pond Filling



This not-so-little-anymore guy just loves to help. Such a servant heart. It is beautiful. On Saturday he helped Daddy fill the pond. Buying new fish wasn’t even on the cards at this stage.  I hope that his gracious attitude grows as he does.

Some nice clean water for the fish in the pond.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I fill my life with.  I get fairly regular headaches, and I’m almost completely convinced that they are stress related.  But the things that stress me out are usually of no great consequence and usually tied up with what others think of me.  But what other people think of me is actually not all that important.  Much more important what God thinks of me.  And if I fill myself with His Word I will be reminded that he sees me in view of what Jesus has done for me… no need to worry.  But when I do not ‘feed’ on His Word I get so full of me and the world that I lose sight of this freeing truth.

I want to learn to see myself the way God does, and to step out in faith not fear.

What is your pond filled with?


Bibra Lake in the Afternoon

Sometimes it is just so good to get out of the house.

Yesterday was a perfect afternoon for playing at the park.  We all had a wonderful time.




I sat on a blanket next to the playground and watched them having fun.  And had a bit of a read.

I’m also turning into a bit of a strange lady methinks.  The school collects cans, as a part of the faction competition, and we as a family don’t really consume soft-drink or other canned drinks.  So I’ve taken to grabbing one of those bags that the council provide for dog owners to clean with after up their pets… but using it to pick up cans.  I’m always a bit worried about people thinking I’m strange, but I don’t think I am going to stop either, so I might as well just get used to it!

Cayley’s Very Own Room #3

Here it is with most of the furniture in… we were very blessed that mum and dad v. helped us to get this set of furniture over from Melbourne.  My nanna has recently moved into a nursing home, and no longer needs this furniture.  It looks pretty good in Cayley’s room!





The furniture was put in while she was at school. What do you think she thought of it when she got home? Let me tell you!


That is where we are at for the moment.  There are more plans, but on hold for a little bit.