Pond Filling



This not-so-little-anymore guy just loves to help. Such a servant heart. It is beautiful. On Saturday he helped Daddy fill the pond. Buying new fish wasn’t even on the cards at this stage.  I hope that his gracious attitude grows as he does.

Some nice clean water for the fish in the pond.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I fill my life with.  I get fairly regular headaches, and I’m almost completely convinced that they are stress related.  But the things that stress me out are usually of no great consequence and usually tied up with what others think of me.  But what other people think of me is actually not all that important.  Much more important what God thinks of me.  And if I fill myself with His Word I will be reminded that he sees me in view of what Jesus has done for me… no need to worry.  But when I do not ‘feed’ on His Word I get so full of me and the world that I lose sight of this freeing truth.

I want to learn to see myself the way God does, and to step out in faith not fear.

What is your pond filled with?


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