The Hairy Answer

You guessed it!


He was after a spider.  A fairly decent sized one too.  He’s just as brave as his Daddy, but has a little way to go until he is just at tall too.

I must confess, the thought of putting this photo up with the piles of stuff all around was something that I thought about.  I wondered if I should crop the mess out, or try my hand at a bit of trickier editing than I normally do.  Or even offering an explanation for why it is there.

But then I remembered my change project at Bible study at the moment.  I want to be less worried about what people think about me… not fearing others’ judgement, or needing their approval.  Being happy in the safety of my heavenly Father and everything that he has done for me.

Off to hit publish!

4 thoughts on “The Hairy Answer”

  1. I was right! I would feel right at home at your place. We have slate floors, too, but with only 1 adult child still at home you’d think our place would be a lot tidier but no…. and it’s mostly my fault!!

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