Boys’ Club The Third Week

Elisha and a few of his friends have started a Boys’ Club.

This past Friday was a volcano day… there was the obligatory volcano in the sandpit before we went for a picnic at Faulker park in Belmont.

boysclub1 boysclub2 boysclub3 boysclub4 boysclub5 boysclub6

First set it up… with bicarb soda in the bottle

… then add vinegar

… then add red food colouring

… then add dishwashing liquid

… then add some animals just for fun.

They had a blast and they look forward to getting together every Friday.


Now it’s time to tell you about Cayley’s first love.  Not Rusty.  I’ve gone back through my photos to see what I can discover.

Here is the very first photographic evidence of Doggie.


And yes, you are right, that is not Cayley, it is Elisha.  Doggie is/was Elisha’s.  He received him from Uncle Peter, who said that every boy should have a black and white dog.

Next is first photographic evidence of Cayley and Doggie.


I don’t know why I hadn’t taken any photos of Cayley and Doggie before this.  Because they were already seriously good friends.  She had loved him so much he needed a wash.  Cayley is a thumb sucker, and she would hang onto Doggie’s tail while sucking that tasty thumb.  He washed up well.  Cayley made sure he was safe through the whole wash cycle.

And then, one night, Cayley was unwell.  And Doggie got in the way.  And I… I washed him.  I may have set the temperature a little too hot.

And now, Doggie is not Cayley’s love any longer.  I ruined him.  He doesn’t feel right any more.  I really, really did.

Want proof.


Poor, poor doggie.

We are so thankful for Grans and Opas who help little girls find new loves.  One that ‘feels’ right.


Elisha made parfait last week.

He did a wonderful job and it was delicious.

I, however, did a terrible job.  I forgot to take photos until it was too late.