Easter Garden

After seeing this idea around the blog traps, I decided it would be a great Easter activity to do with the kids.  And adults.

Sadly, I got a bit carried away with deleting photos at some stage recently, and deleted the rest of the photos to do with the garden.


But we added a stone path, and water in the pond.

On Good Friday we put crosses in the garden, and we put a Lego Jesus (wrapped in paper) in the tomb, and sealed it with a rock and Lego soldiers guarding it.

Sunday morning, I had removed Jesus and left the cloth.  It was a great illustration of the Easter story.

And the garden looks cute to boot.

Boys’ Club – The Easter Addition

I know, I know… a bit late.

But too good not to record.

And before I get stuck into the photos – I think there is a name change in the future for our Boys’ Club.  Seeing as Cayley and Megan join in most every week.  We might be known as After School Club from here on in I believe. 🙂

Easter was upon us and a great theme to work with too.  This particular week we were at Merri’s place, and she had a great activity for the kids.

Painting and decorating Easter eggs.

asceaster1 asceaster2 asceaster3 asceaster4 asceaster5 asceaster6 asceaster7

Kindy Party

Cayley’s class had a morning tea party before the Easter school holidays.

Jos and I joined in the celebrations, and much fun was had by all.

I also took my camera.

And got some cute shots… and flash backs to my own kindy days.






Jos, making his very effective ‘brumming’ noise for the truck.



This is what I remember.  Using real kitchen pots and pans with sand and water.  So much fun, and not a normal home activity.
kindy5 kindy6 kindy7 kindy8

Cayley is quite at home at kindy.

Bunny Children

Lately, Cayley has taken to face paint.  Hooray!

Elisha has almost never let anyone ever paint his face.  Though I think now watching Cayley and Jos get so much fun out of it, he’s changing his mind.

The last thing I painted was bunnies.

Here’s Cayley


And Jos, he doesn’t have quite the staying power for sitting in a chair, so it’s just a little bit smaller.


At the moment Cayley has been asking me to paint her hands and/or feet, because of some ideas we’ve seen in books.  But with the wet weather, I’m not too keen to have painted hands and feet inside.  When it is a bit drier outside we’ll go for it.