Elisha has never played a team sport before this year.

While we were on hoidays at the beginning of the year, we picked up some small hockey sticks in an op shop.  The kids had a great time mucking about with them.  Just quietly I may have had heart palpitations every time someone lifted the hockey stick up in the air, but we are still serious injury free to this day.

When registrations came out, we signed Elisha up for Minkey.  May 14th was his first actual training and game.

He loves it.


Brett played hockey for most through most of his school years, and I think he’s having fun hitting the ball around too.

We’ve enjoyed getting outside in the fresh (sometimes brisk) air and cheering Elisha on.

Cayley and Jos haven’t complained of boredom, they find too much to enjoy.


And I can see that there are many benefits to being part of a team.  I’m so glad that we signed him up.

Even if we do have to be at the ground by 8.20 on a Saturday morning.

Go Stingrays!


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