We Love Lego

Here in the Adams’ household, we LOVE lego.  Just ask Brett, he even has his own special Star Wars set.  But once the kit has been built, and pulled apart several times, the pieces end up in the rather large container of lego that we own.  And that’s when the real creativity sets in.

Now over to Elisha.

This ship is the first made by Zoinks Droid Shark.  It can shoot from the back and front.  The net can catch three or two people in one go.  The generators create a ginormous shield.



This is the second powerfullest ship.  Those things at the back can shoot and create a shield at the same time. The front things are if they go in mine they are safe.  The man has special protection because the frying pan he can fry bullet pancakes and throw them at people, bad things and explode them.



Lego ship three is the smallest and its only two powers is to blow up things and to give people good hopes.



This is the master ship.  It has a pet name “Scooper” because it looks like the digger on the front of a digger.  It can also go through mines, but it has to go through the back.  They’ve got four people in it.  It’s got a little thing which looks like a key.  It’s actually a crystal that can freeze anything.  And they’ve got this little scooter.



And let’s go over to Cayley now.

It’s got grass for the animals, because it’s got animals in its ship.  One of the people are the look out with a gun.  And some of the people are dead even though their heads are still on.  And when they go out, they have their jets on.  And the tow-truck piece is to stop the tow-trucks from coming in.  Also they can splat invisible jam and vegemite onto people’s heads.



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