She’s A Little Aussie Mozzie

A couple of weeks ago (07/09/2011) Jos was very naughty and drew on the wall instead of on the whiteboard.  I heart Chux Magic Erasers.  They worked wonders and I don’ think you can even tell that he drew on the wall.  I did have a bit of trouble finding the special sponges though, had to dig all through my laundry box.  The rest of the afternoon proceeded as per usual.

An hour or longer later, after picking Elisha up from school and starting the after school routine I was sitting here at the computer, no idea what I was doing, I think the kids were outside playing or maybe Elisha was playing the Wii.  But whatever the reason, things were fairly quiet inside.  And then I heard it.


I don’t know how many times the sound had happened before it finally kicked it’s way into my consciousness.  It wasn’t very loud and it wasn’t very often.

About half a minute later, again, over the sound of my typing.


Eventually, the sound aroused my curiousity to the point of investigation.

I was led to the laundry.

Oops, turned out I’d left the laundry door to outside open while I picked up Elisha.

Perhaps someone is doing something outside, or next door over the fence.  Stick my head out, have a bit of a listen.  Stinks like flyspray, maybe the neighbours have some sort of fly or ant problem.  Don’t think…Kkkkkk.

Nope that’s definitley here inside.  What is it!?

Because it was occuring so infrequently I would just about give up looking for it and then… Kkkkkk.


Washing machine?  Stare…. mmmmmm, must’ve stopped… Kkkkkk.

Nope, not washing machine.

Dryer?  Stare, stare, stare… what is going oKkkkkk.

Maybe there’s a mouse dying behind the washing machine.  Try to peer behind… streeeeeeeetch.  Waiting, waiting.  No, it’s not happening often enough to be a dying mouKkkkkkk.

Eventually I tracked the sound to the laundry box which I’d be rustling through earlier in the afternoon.

I was a little wary as I pulled it down from atop its shelf.

There sitting looking as innocent as possible was the culprit.


But let me give you the back story before I reveal all.

Just after Easter we went camping in Mandurah with our friends Matt and Cheryl and their son, Blake.  There was a bit of an issue with mosquitoes.  So we trundled off to Bunnings and purchased an outdoor automatic mosquito repellant.

After a bit of fiddling on the first night we got it going, and it worked wonderfully.

The second night, after fiddling, shaking, twisting, removing parts and putting them back on, by several people, the darn things still wouldn’t go, so I took it back to Bunnings to get a new one or something.

Cheryl said to me on my way out, “Wouldn’t it be funny if you handed it over to some teenager and he looks at it presses the button and it works.”

I laughed.

You guessed it.  The young boy behind the counter, after my explaination, picked it up, pressed the button, and almost got sprayed in the face for his trouble.

I blushed beet from the tip of my nose to the tip of my toes.

And then considered the possibility of driving back to the campsite with it on and spraying every 30 seconds just to make sure it didn’t try to pull any tricks when I got back.

I didn’t of course, and it worked fine for the rest of the trip.


There sitting looking as innocent as possible was the culprit.


And it had been going for probably a good two hours, every thirty seconds, in my house.

Thank God (really and truly) that I’d left the laundry door open.

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